The barbarians shot pet dogs for fun, stole what food they could carry and destroyed the rest so the people would starve, burned houses, barns, stored food, stored crops, crops in the field, even farming implements so no more food could be grown; they slit

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CONNIE CHASTAIN is an independent Southern writer from Pensacola, Florida. She writes mainly Southern fiction with a touch of romance, suspense and other elements. She also is a staunch Southern heritage defender intent on defending the South from the "South-haters" of the day, and providing "the TRUTH of history" in her non-fiction writings.

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NAASP ... what it's all about

Just a start. Just a "trickle". What used to be People-South will now be NAASP ... the National Association for the Advocacy of Southern People. A place where Southerners and their friends can post "news, opinion, events, the TRUTH of history, reviews and information about Southern Organizations and Southern People." This will give us a constant source of information about our South, a place which will help us to coordinate our efforts to inform each other about what is going on, where & when, who is involved & who said what.


Recently a "far-right" group requested & received a legal permit  to conduct a peaceful, organized event in Charlottesville, Virginia, protesting the removal of various Southern statues associated with Lincoln's War. They were set up by "far left" groups such as ANTIFA & BLM which had no permits whatsoever that we know of.  Feces & urine were hurled at the legal protestors and many were "maced" and beaten by the illegal, counter-protestors as they tried to leave the permitted area when ordered to do so by Virginia Riot Police. The "far-righters" have been unfairly labeled as having promoted racism & hatred, and the "far-lefters" have been lauded as the victims of the evil far-right people.


Facts & film do not support this. Many, many news reports & videos are available which show that the "far-righters" were victims of the "far-lefters". We will bring those to you on NAASP. 





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